Jackals is the first feature film from Panther Films.

A micro-budget feature for release in 2012

It was supposed to be a safe house . . . SHARK, a young wide boy, is up and coming in the Joe Barki crime empire. He’s secretly involved with Joe’s daughter, SASKIA.

Ordered by Joe, SHARK drives to a remote safe house to partner MICKEY, the organisation’s legendary hitman. Unbeknown to Shark, there’s a victim trussed up in the boot of his car.

This safe house is a place of reckoning for all those who betray the boss.

The ultimate B-movie - BOLD - BROODING - BADASS


JACKALS received its world premiere on 6th November 2012 at the Arnolfini in Bristol.

This event was also a charity fundraiser for Cancer Research UK. The director’s wife Sara Lewis has recently been diagnosed with cancer and the production team intend to donate all profits towards this worthwhile cause.